Elwha River

Just west of Port Angeles the Elwha river has many things to do along it’s 45 miles of shores. There is currently no fishing allowed due to the removal of its two 100 plus year old dams by the Federal Government which hopes to increase the salmon runs.

Scenic views, river rafting, miles of hiking trails, bird watching, hot springs and even a casino are some of the activities along this nearby river.

Some of the places to see and play on the Olympic Peninsula. See the Specific places on the activities page which are linked to on these nearby attractions as well as the menu bar at the top of this site.

Port Angeles

Nearby Attractions


Port Angeles

Port Angeles, is the largest town on the North Olympic Peninsula. The old downtown consists of about 5 blocks of local shops and dining that makes for an enjoyable and worthwhile stroll. Being a town built on the dying industries of fishing and logging, some of the restaurants put out some excellent cuisine in an effort to win the favor of the locals throughout the year.

The entire town (including downtown) can be conveniently explored by simply driving the 2 mile one way street loop that it is built upon.

The loop goes East on First St. and West on Front St. with the turn-around points being McDonalds to the East and Jackpot Foodmart to the West.

Hurricane Ridge & Deer Park

The Olympic National Park is home to the Olympic mountain range. There are two road access points which take you high into the alpine forested peaks with breathtaking views. Hurricane ridge and Deer Park. Hurricane ridge is an easy drive on well maintained paved roads with a lodge at the top that provides restrooms, a gift shop and a snack bar. There is a $20. Pass Fee to enter the park at any toll location for 7 days.

Deer Park is a bit more off the beaten path and has no toll. The narrow and sometimes bumpy road can be well worth the drive on a clear day with the panoramic views being similar to flying over in an airplane.

Straights of Juan De Fuca

The Straits of Juan De Fuca is the pacific oceans inlet into the puget sound and the inside passage through Canada to Alaska. The 11 mile wide strait separates Canada from the US which can be crossed on the Coho ferry from Port Angeles to the popular tourist destination of Victoria BC. There are some amazing beach access points, parks, fishing and kayaking  along its shores.

Lake Crescent


Lake Crescent is a deep clear pristine lake of just over 8 square miles. If you visit the Sol Duc river or hot springs, Forks or the Hoh Rainforest you will get to enjoy the views while driving the length of it on highway 101.It is however in itself a great day trip with beautiful beaches, spectacular views, boating, fishing, swimming and hiking trails. Also see "Barnes Point" on Lake Crescent below.

Hoh Rainforest

The Hoh Rain-forest formed by the Hoh river valley is one of the largest temperate rain-forests in the U.S. This lush area of the peninsula gets 12 feet of rainfall annually creating a natural spectacle of green. There are some short easy hikes as well as trail heads that will take you far up into the alpine forests of the Olympics.   


Barnes Point

Barnes point is located about half way around Lake Crescent. It has a lot to offer in and of itself and if your heading to or from Forks, SolDuc or the Hoh Rain-Forest it's right along the way. There are some excellent trails from the simple "Mere Mere Falls" to the short but very challenging "Storm King". You will find a boat launch, breath taking views and miles of beaches great for swimming. There are man powered boat rentals and fine dining at the Lodge.