Barnes Point 23.8 miles

Barnes Point about halfway around Lake Crescents North East Shore is probably the number one swimming location in Clallam County. It has the Lake Crescent Lodge with a gift shop, canoe/kayak rentals and fine dining which requires a reservation. Two large docks, public bathrooms, a boat launch and some trails one of which is the popular Mere Mere Falls. The whole point is surrounded by beach including the popular Bovies Meadow, so you can usually find a good spot with a little walking even on the busiest days. The water is cold until mid to late summer when it warms up quite nicely. 

Devils Punch Bowl 25 miles

The Devils Punch Bowl is a locals favorite swimming hole located near the Noth East end of the Spruce Railroad Trail on Lake Crescent. There is a cliff with multiple heights to jump off of starting with just a few feet on the lake side of the bridge and climbing up too, well higher than most like on the bowl side of the bridge. The water is clear, deep and cold until well into the summer when it can get quite warm. It is an easy 1.2 mile hike down the trail from the parking area to the Devils Punchbowl Bridge.

East Beach Lake Crescent 20.1 miles

East Beach at Lake Crescent has a sandy gradual bottom and swim buoys to keep the boats out. The water can be quite cold until mid to late summer. There is a grass lot and a few pick-nick tables as well as a pit toilet. If you don't like swimming, sun-bathing, or gazing at the view there's not a lot to do because of the steep surrounding terrain. The bigger kids use the trails to the west to find rocks to jump off of. It can get quite busy on a hot day but you can sometimes find a private beach on the East-Beach Rd. which boarders the whole eastern shore. Parking can be a problem for both options though.

Salt Creek Recreation Area 19.5 miles

Salt Creek Recreation Area has a lot to offer! Explore the designated marine life sanctuary tide pools filled with anemones and other sea creatures, WWII bunkers and nature trails with views of the sea cliffs. Premier birding, Kayaking, biking, scuba diving, beginner surfing, swimming and sightseeing are just some of the things to do. The water is always very cold but it stays shallow for a ways out and there is a freshwater stream to rinse and play in. Kids who don't mind frigid water love it!

The west side of the stream is the only white sandy beaches on the straights and you may even find a sand dollar for a souvenir. It is a private beach and you will be asked to leave if you step on it unless you go down the road to the RV park and pay a small fee for the day use.