To & From Port Angeles



Both to and from Seattle IF YOU DO NOT HIT TRAFFIC, it is as fast to drive around through Tacoma and across the Tacoma narrows bridge as it is to drive straight onto the ferry without having to wait. So if time is an issue for you and the ferry schedule says you will have to wait for the boat, driving around can be a good option if it’s not rush hour.



If you are not concerned with time and your not traveling on a weekend or holiday, the easiest option for the ferry is to take the Kingston Edmonds ferry. However this too requires some driving too and from Seattle on I5 so traffic can be an issue here as well. Also the Kingston Edmonds ferry can get backed up pretty bad especially on holidays and weekends creating a waiting line not uncommonly 2 to 3 even four sailing waits long.




This ferry is conveniently located right downtown Seattle. The down side is the long stop light ridden road which can be backed up with a lot of traffic on the Bainbridge side. This can be especially frustrating when your one of the last ones off the boat putting you behind the long chain of cars from the boat along with the rest of the area traffic.  





The Bremerton ferry arrives and leaves downtown Seattle the same location as the Bainbridge ferry. It’s more miles to travel but the ferry ride is more scenic than most and gives you a full hour to enjoy the views and stretch your legs. Although the trip to Port Angeles takes about 15 minutes longer than the Bainbridge ferry It is a less used rout making smaller crowds and easier driving with higher speed limits once you get out of Bremerton.






What many folks don’t realize is the time it takes to get too some of the places they intend to visit on their often short trip to Port Angeles & the Olympic National Park. The Attractions of the far Wooded West can be a four hour plus round trip from Port Angeles. So if visiting any of these places is on your list of things to do, A great option is to go through Olympia and Aberdeen and take Highway 101 up the coast. This gives you easier access to many popular places on your way to Port Angeles. While It is a 4 hour drive from Olympia, mostly through trees and logged-offs to take this route, it lets you see more with less backtracking. This route gives you access to Lake Quinault, Ruby Beach, the Hoh Rain-forest and Forks. You can even cut across to HWY112 via 113 to check out Cape Flattery. Or stay on 101 to see the Sol Duc, Lake Crescent and Barnes Point. 

Be sure to check out the map on the ACTIVITIES page for highlights to see on your trip to Port Angeles and the Olympic National Park!