The Best Time to Visit The Olympic National Park & Port Angeles 





You can experience the beauty of the North Olympic Peninsula without the traffic and crowds during the winter months. Port Angeles slows down to a relaxed, lazy town during the shorter days of winter with substantially lower food & lodging prices. If your not into braving the outdoors it's the perfect time to escape the city and take full advantage of the steam bath and sauna at the Larch Avenue Getaway or just relax in the garden room with a good book or a game of chess.


Port Angeles does enjoy a mild, Mediterranean climate still suitable for day hikes and trips to empty beaches with winter averages ranging in the mid 40's. While there are the occasional cold spells and even the rare but usually short lived snow falls, the outdoors can still be enjoyed with easy uncrowded access, some layered clothing and don't forget the rain gear for the often fast changing and unpredictable weather.


The wildlife becomes less shy and the scenery even more breathtaking with the Olympic mountains in their snowy splendor, waterfalls at their peak performance, the rain-forest in all it's glory of green hues and an often mirror calm lake crescent with its mysterious low lying fog.


There's even a small ski/snowboard area and guided snowshoeing at Hurricane Ridge open Friday-Sunday weather permitting. And you will LOVE the stunning Christmas light display driving through the James Town Indian land and Casino at the head of Sequim (Skwim) Bay.

Winter time in Port Angeles really is a spectacular local secret. Come check it out!     

Hurricane Ridge WA.jpg





If your not into swimming (kinda cold still) and don’t mind the chance of rain, Spring time is pretty hard to beat for visiting the North Olympic Peninsula.


With an average temperature right around 58F and the risk of snowfall past the days can be just perfect for exploring the Peninsula.


The Waterfalls are bigger, the crowds are smaller and the costs as well as the traffic are much less. The Mountains are still snow capped, the Hoh- Rainforest is at its greenest and the birds and wildlife are fully active. Hurricane Ridge opens 7 days a week as do most of the other roads.

Be sure to bring some layers of clothing for the different temperature possabilities and some rain gear and let the adventures begin!